WP8548 UPDATE not found


I would like to mark manually my application good using the command
update --mark-good

But I am getting the error

-sh: update: not found

Please note that the update bin is available in /legato/systems/current/bin.

Could anyone please respond why update command is not working.

I am using legato firmware 16.10.4 and WP8458 firmware as pasted below


how about using “/legato/systems/current/bin/update”?


Tried using “/legato/systems/current/bin/update”, but still I get the same error. Any other suggestions?


Maybe go to legato folder do a
source bin/configlegatoenv
export DEST_IP=

then try to do the update --mark-good


HI @abhijitpatil19751,
did you try the proposal?
does it solve your issue?
best regards,