WP8548 / FX30 16.10.3/4 GNSS GPS Time to first fix


Does anyone know how to improve the time to first fix for the WP8548?

By experimentation I have discovered that running the “poweroff” command when shutting down the system makes a massive improvement to TTFF. Unfortunately this isn’t a practical long term approach for our project as the power is removed by the user with no prior notification. Is an alternative method available which doesn’t require a system reboot



I have posted a similar question here - I’m not sure what the cross forum rules are - could be that the SW forum is being read by different folks



hi @johnofleek,
how to handle the gnss part, is it using legato api and service or is it by another way?
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Hi plu

In this case I was just testing so I used the USB serial port which streams NMEA into my host computer. I then observed the satalite data with the SW GPS tool which does a reasonable job of displaying the data

On the target device I controlled the GPS with the Legato command line tool “gnss” - of course this tool uses the Legato API to talk to the Qualcomm device.

I think that on the Target device linux command line the command

gnss fix

gives a reasonable indication of the TTFF