WP85 - Hardware reset of the integrated MCU

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I would like to know if there is a solution to make an hardware reset of the MCU integrate in the WP85 module ?

In my current product (Custum hardware), we have super-capacity allowing us in case of power failure to send messages to our server in the cloud before « a scheduled death ».

During tests, if the power supply returns to ON very quickly after the shutdown, the MCU no longer responds to the I2C commands.

I think that my super-capacities must be unloaded through the WP85 module which must put the MCU in an indeterminate state.

I would like to test an hardware reset of the MCU.

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additional details:

MCU revison is: 002.004

Hi Spastor,
only a complete reset of the WP8548 can be done.
There is no way to reset only the integrated MCU .
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