[WP77][R14.1][19.11.5] How to use UART1_DTR to wakeup from Sleep State and register interrupt on this gpio


I’m searshing how to configure UIART1_DTR to be a wakeup source when WP77 enters in Sleep State and if it’s possible to read and even better catch interrupts on this GPIO.

In WP77XX Product Specification r4.pdf chapter 4.9, the UIART1_DTR is listed as a wakeup source and in WP AT Command Reference r7.1.pdf I found the command +KSLEEP which should at least allow me to wakeup from sleep mode or at least prevent module to enter in sleep mode.
This command depends on !RIOWNER which is already set to 0 on my module by default.

My problem is that even if I set KSLEEP to 0 or to 1, when my modem is in sleep mode it doesn’t wakeup when I change the state of UART1_DTR.

Is it the right process or do I miss something ?

On the other hand, is it possible to access to the UART1_DTR state as other gpio through sysfs or something ?

Thanks for your help.


did you set the UART1 to be AT command port in AT!MAPUART? (i.e. AT!MAPUART=1,1)

BTW, are you using custom board or mangoh board for testing?