Allow wake up on gpio

I’m trying to implement phone-like power button, which should toggle wake/sleep when pressed.
I’ve found in specification for WP8548 that GPIO2, GPIO21 and GPIO24 can be used to wake the device when it is in sleep mode (low-power active state), so I hooked up button to GPIO2, but my board doesn’t wake if I press it.
Using sysfs I can clearly see that value is changing, so my button is fine.

How can I configure this GPIO to send wakeup interrupt?

HI Chebykin
this issue will be solved into next release of WPx5x products.
Best Regards

do you mean there is an issue with the WP8548 HW modules, or, is it an issue in firmware or legato framework?
Is this mentioned in the ‘known issues’ paragraph of the release notes?



HI Dirk
issue is not on HW side; it is not indicated into release notes yet.
Best Regards,


can you give a rough estimate for the release date?

Does the WP76 firmware have this issue, too?


HI Annaertd,
issue exists on WP76 .
solutions should be available in the coming month.

Hi ,
i’m also same requirement , how to configure GPIO7(or 13,21,24 )as wakeup source. i tried the example code of ~/.leaf/wp76-legato_20.08.0-202011160350/apps/sample/gpioCf3SSDemo code , i changed the gpio42 as gpio21 but its not worked. is this issue is resolved in legato 20.08 or not,

you can see this document: