[WP760x][ECM] How to change default IP of CDC-ECM

Could you tell me the way how to change default IP address of CDC-ECM?

Back Ground:
In order to avoid to access from third party, they would like to change default IP of CDC-ECM from

You can use below command to change the default IP of CEC-ECM.
configEcm on [target <ipV4_addr>] host <ipV4_addr> netmask <ipV4_netmask>]

Make sure you change the corresponding IP rules first.

Hi, Jordan

Regarding to “configEcm”, does it changed only “/etc/legato/ecm.conf” ?

you can have a look on the script on the target module


What if I used configEcm on but not changed the corresponding IP rules, and I cannot ssh into the device? :confused:

then you might need to use “configEcm show” in UART2 debug console.

any related guide how to use debug console?

are you using mangoh red board?
just plug the usb cable to uart2 port in mangoh red board

Hey @jyijyi I connected via uart2 but I only access the at console, how can I enter configEcm in this case?

what is the return of AT!MAPUART?

you need to set the UART2 as “16”


!mapuart:1, 16

So this is not what we need, right?

then UART2 is already in linux console mode, what do you see in UART2 when boot up?

Nothing, i think im in at mode. I mean no bootup information.

I guess you are communicating with UART1 instead of UART2:

If I understand correctly, it should be connected to a different PIN, because the one I’m on now is UART1?

i guess so, which board are you using ?
mangoh green/red/yellow board?

custom electronics, but the chip is the same as red… it is poured out and i can’t access uart2

you have the USB AT port, right?
If yes, you can type


this will switch the debug console to UART1.
but there will be no more AT port in UART.
You need to make sure you have the USB AT port now.

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Thank you so much @jyijyi , it works!! :') I have linux console and AT aswell from different ttyUSB