Question regrding configECM

Using WP7611, I am configuring my ecm like so:

configEcm on target host netmask

My question is, how does the WP7611 assign the host address? does it use dhcp?
What will happen if I add the USB connection to a bridge network? will it try to assign ip address/es to other devices on the bridge network?

My goal is to:

  1. Connect the WP7611 to a router via usb
  2. Add the new usb0 connection on the router to my LAN brige network

That way the WP7611 will be available to all devices on the LAN network.
Also I am assigning the address statically to my router on the LAN network.

My concern is that the WP7611 might intrefere with the dhcp server on my router in some way.

I arranged this setup and everything seems to work. But I am afraid I might run into some edge cases.

To verify if it is using dhcp, you can use “dhclient usb0” on the router and see if it can get correct ip address

Tested on my router and it doesn’t use DHCP,
which is good for my system.