WipSoft app for legato

Hello everyone,

is there any app which which has the same at commands as WipSoft to establish UDP/TCP connections. WipSoft was Internet Plugin for fomer openAT modules.

The understanding is that WIPsoft is an application that implements the TCP/IP protocols using custom AT commands. This application must be downloaded to the Sierra Wireless embedded module. The commands are sent from an external application and the corresponding responses are sent back from the module to the external application over interface like UART.

Can you check the ATCommandService in the below link and see if it serves your purpose

Hi @AE_1

The short answer is no. There is no WipSoft version for Legato. Similar app could be recreated using AT command APIs pointed by @Vasantha_lax.

As an alternative you can use standard Linux tools such as netcat which is installed by default on Sierra Wireless product.
For example, you can create a client TCP socket using the following command:

nc ip_address tcp_port

note that the nc version install on Sierra Wireless product do not support -u option (UDP)

I’ve been able to test UDP using an alternative nc application binary from the link below:

Hope it helps

Vasantha, bbo I thank you…