Need to test a TCP/IP Connection to my server :port address from WP8548 Module through SIM data


Hi All,

I am trying to implement the Protocol Stack on my WP85 module. I can add TCP Server with and listen/talk to any Server which talk on 20000 port through the USB cable connection.

Now I want talk to the cloud server with specific ip:port over internet. I have already use the le_avc ,le_avcdata and le_data services. Was successfuly able to send the data to the Airvantage. But now my requirement is to sent data to my SCADA cloud server on specific IP over data connection through SIM card.

I have used the correct api’s to connect the data usingle_data_Request() & le_data_ConnectService(); and verified that the data is connected from my separate thread.

But when I try to add the my ip:port int the add server its unable to talk to the clould port.

Any suggestions or way to test my connection to the specific IP : port from legato…will be appreciated.

After establising the connection from my app … if I do a cm data it says connected …so i assume the data session has been created but how to use it to reach the IP over internet…



You can test connectivity to a specific TCP port using telnet.