WifiService export

Hello. I want use firmware without octave, when i installed it. There is not wifiservice in this firmware and can’t use wifi. How can i export wifiService app?

you can install pure WP module FW.

i use vs code for development. As far as I understood, when I build the application, it immediately collects the firmware for the modules. and it reflashes my board every time and fills only these applications.Capture

is there any way to add service in vs code project?
i use mango yellow, Are there blueooth drivers in this firmware?

  1. You can choose .adef file to build instead of building default.sdef

  2. Or you can try adding the following in default.sdefif you still wanna build default.sdef :

    LEGATO_WIFI_ROOT={LEGATO_ROOT}/modules/WiFi // File is selected by users, replace "ti" with "qca" to support qca chipset LEGATO_WIFI_PA={LEGATO_WIFI_ROOT}/service/platformAdaptor/ti/pa_wifi.sh

    // WiFi services

    wifi = wifi:/bin/wifi

paste code to default.sdef
wif client start, return
le_wifiClient_Start returns ERROR.

Are you using talon wifi iot card?

no, mango yellow without iot cards

Please see here for the spk fw used in mangoh yellow

There’s a non-Octave load for the yellow, wifi works fine with it. You can delete the applications you don’t want.

hi @utya,
did you check the information shared into previous comment?
do you have still an issue?

exporting wifi serivce doesn’t work for me. I install non-octvae fw and delete unusing app. Thanks