Legato 15.05 now available

Hi everyone.

Our new (almost) quarterly release of Legato, 15.05, is now available. The links on the Source (the new Dev Zone) at source.sierrawireless.com/legato/ have all been updated to point to the new downloads, and github has been updated with the new source and documentation.

You will find the documentation online at legato.io/docs

Release notes and upgrade instructions can be found at legato.io/legato-docs/15_05/ … 15_05.html

The Legato Team

p.s. You will need to update your firmware to use this release. Links are in the release notes.

p.p.s Important point from the release notes - you will need the “ninja-build” package. It has been added to the requirements, but just in case you didn’t notice …

sudo apt-get install ninja-build