What are the prerequisites of gdbCfg?

I am trying to debug a pre-existing app, using gdbCfg; but it fails while trying to mount gdbservice. Is there any extra stuff I must do in order make it work ? The manual just mentions Sandboxed apps.

You would need devMode since gdbCfg uses gdbserver.

Thanks for the help man.

Also what is a _exe file ? What generates it ? I was able to generate the gdbServer script for a running app, but when I got to running the command with runProc in it the device cannot find the _exe file and the command fails.

I figured it had something to do with running processes, the one I tried earlier was a very simple Helloworld app. So I tried the same with powerMgr:
app runProc powerMgr --exe=/bin/gdbserver – localhost:2000 /bin/powerMgr