Using Valgrind to debug with flag LE_MEM_VALGRIND

I want to be able to identify any memory leaks in my code, so ideally I could use Valgrind. The Legato Reference Manual mentions that there is a build flag called LE_MEM_VALGRIND which, from the manual:

“When LE_MEM_VALGRIND is enabled, the pools are disabled and instead malloc and free are directly used. Thus enabling the use of tools like Valgrind.” Page 246

The problem is I can’t find where I would enable this build flag, and there is no example on how to use it inside the manual.

The code I’m debugging only uses calloc()/malloc() and free(), it does not use le_mem_ForceAlloc() or anything from the legato API. Given this, does that mean I am not using memory pools whatsoever? Is it recommended to use memory pools and if I implement them would I then be able to see memory leaks? Or is there a simple way to use this flag so I can continue on to use valgrind and not have to change too much of my code?

Thank you.

Please explain which version of legato you are using and which module are you trying to debug.
In Legato version 16.10.4 for WP85, I see the flag in /framework/include/le_build_config.h