Using timer on target localhost

I compiled legato for localhost I can compile “helloWorld” and run it on localhost.
However using timers does not seem to work.
timer.c fa_timer_Init() 173 | Using CLOCK_BOOTTIME: alarm wakeups not supported.

The initialization code works, but the timer handler is not executed.

Does anyone know how to make legato timers work on localhost?

By default Legato timers are alarm timers (they can wake up the system from suspend sleep mode).

ARM targets (e.g. WP76 or WP77 modules) support this type of timers.

But if your localhost doesn’t support alarm timers then you can add the following line prior to start your timer:
res = le_timer_SetWakeup(timerRef, false);

See Legato doc for details: le_timer_SetWakeup()