How to run an ipc app on localhost

Hi evreybody,

I’m trying to install legato on my linux ubuntu, and i’d like to test demo’s apps (helloipc) on localhost before use target, i want test ipc funtion, but i don’t find commands to run it .

Would you please give me some suggestion to solve this problem?

Thank you.

Please check if information in the below links helps you, let me know.

Muralidhara N.

Thanks for you reply.
i am already run “startlegato” successfull on my localhost, but i don`t know ,how to run helloipc app. could you give me some suggestion?



Here’s an example of how you can try running the sample helloIpc app on localhost:

After running the startlegato Go to apps/sample/helloIpc and build helloIpc for localhost

cd apps/sample/helloIpc
make localhost

When both the Server and Client apps are successfully built, go to _build_printServer/localhost/app/printServer/staging/read-only/bin and run the Server binary.

cd _build_printServer/localhost/app/printServer/staging/read-only/bin/

Then go to _build_printClient/localhost/app/printClient/staging/read-only/bin/ and run the Client binary.

cd _build_printClient/localhost/app/printClient/staging/read-only/bin/client

Muralidhara N.