Using Rust to create components

Hi there!

I’m using C++ in production with legato but I’m really curious about Rust and I was wondering if any of you already tried or managed to create a component using Rust.
Do you have any leads on where to look ?


Hey @Scollon,

I’ve never personally done this, but it’s been a huge topic of interest for me. Sounds like some people have had moderate success with Go: How does a 3rd party (Go/Golang) app call a service?

In an ideal world Legato would support a foreign function interface but for now Go seems like an interesting start.

Happy hacking

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Hey! Thanks for your answer! I’ll definitely look into this.
I’ll come back here if I manage to have some results!

Happy hacking to you too!

I’ve seen some people manage to develop kernel modules in Rust ( so I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be technically possible.

At this stage there is no plan for having that, but if someone wants to give it a shot and upstream it that would be pretty awesome. From what I can see, it seems that Rust would be more appropriate than Go for the embedded world (mainly because of the size of the resulting binaries).


Yeah and Rustup already have toolchains support for ARM
I’m still digging the subject when I have some free time.
Rust would be awesome for embedded because it’s powerfull, bare-metal and safety oriented!
Thanks for your answers guys! I’ll try to post some update if I manage to create a small HelloWorld app!