Unrecognized command line option'-Wint-conversion'

I have a project that works perfectly well in the environment of legato 18.6.1.
Now the project is replaced by legato 16.10.4.
Compile error (arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error: unrecognized command line option’-Wint-conversion’)
Is it because I added’- Wno - error = int - conversion’to the compilation options of the project?
How can I modify it to make the project compile successfully in legato 16.10.4

Hello @phoneixSH , Do you still have this issue? Can you let me know the reason for adding the ‘- Wno - error’ option? The prototype of the legato API shall be same across the versions. So, the compilation of an app(built on legato 18.6.1 ) against a different version of legato (i.e… legato 16.1.04 in this case) should also happen successfully.
BTW, Can you let me know the module being used?

Sorry, we have all used the legato 18 system in our project now,The problem may not be reappeared.