Unable to prepare new build machine


We have made our own customisations to the legato linux distribution to fit our needs and make two images. I have made an working build server so that we can build it, but failed in writing down the precise steps for making the build servers.
So now I have the problem that I should document the process of making a new build machine, but when I start from a clean xubuntu 16.04 I can easily checkout the code and make it compile the image, but when I load the image on our hardware I only get the following two lines in the terminal

Android Bootloader - UART_DM Initialized!!!
[10] ERROR: No misc partition found

And the system refuses to boot further. Whereas the image from the build server boots just fine.

Anyone have any idea where I should start looking for the reason for this refusal to boot?

Kind regards


What is your hardware reference and which software release are you using?

What is the file name of the image you are flashing?

Even if the image is generated, do you have some warnings in the Yocto build log?