TCP communication between apps


I have 2 applications that needs to exchange information via TCP.

I don’t want to use legato API and stay with plain C networking.
Because of smack they can’t communicate.
I can of course recompile legato with smack disabled, but maybe there is some other way? Setting something in adef file?

Do you have any suggestions?


Do you mean you don’t want to use IPC to have communication between two applications?

With the application in below link to set up TCP server, I can communicate with other application like “nc 5000”

Hi - I have already my app which implements TCP server and it works well. I can connect from outside with just anything and I can connect from inside with telnet or with another program started by hand.

HOWEVER. I would like that another legato app connect to it. And this is prohibited by using SMACK, which is clearly seen in the log.

That is why I’d like to know how can I say to legato that I want to allow communication between legato apps.

Is there any setting for that? Can I set in a config a smack label for an app (because then I would set the same label for all my apps and then communication will be allowed. By default smack label is “app.<name_of_app>”)?



I disabled SMACK - for the lack of better solution.