Biderectional communication between Apps

Is there a way to properly implement bidirectional communication between 2 seperate Apps? Without using callback-functions?

Have you tried IPC communication between two applications?

I tried using an .api file. But as i understand it the “Client” App can only call “Server” App functions and send data that way, or am i understanding it wrong. Or is it possible to configure each App as Server and Client?

You can refer to this

I tried using this Event approach and was able to get it to work, thanks!

But it seems i am limited to only sending 4 bytes of data. But i need to send a char array that can easily be 200 char long. Is there a way to increase the payload size?

you can write a loop to send those data repeatedly.

Or you can refer to here to specify the type in .api file:

It works now! Thanks for your Help!