Sync Real Time Clock (RTC)


I am trying to synchronize the rtc.
Currently, I have added ntp and tzdata (set timezone) to the linux distribution to synchronize time automatically when a internet connection (mobile network) is available (I have added the TIME_SERVICES=“qcom_time ntpd_time” in time_zone.conf).
My ntp.conf looks like this:

tinker panic 0

But is there a better way to synchronize the time with the legato framework without explicitly installing ntp?

Hi white_fish,

ntpd should be available in default image, we can use “/usr/sbin/ntpd -p” to trigger time sync after data connection available.

seems to me this should have a start script… or setting the rtc time via a mobile connection if one exists
logic says if i dont have a mobile connection i should run ntp which feels like the logical way to do this