[Solved]SPI Slave Select with different PIN (spiService)

is it possible to use a different slave select pin with the spiservice? I have two use two different slave selects. The hardware mapping is GPIO1 (on the breakout board PIN 24) should be the slave select for one chip and GPIO 2 (on the breakout board PIN 25) should be the selection of the other chip. Both are on the same external board.


found a solution. Before I write something, I set the Pin to low active and after that to high again. That should be the same what the spiService does too.

le_result_t writeHD(le_spi_DeviceHandleRef_t handle, const uint8_t* writeDataPtr, size_t writeDataNumElements)
	le_result_t res;
	le_gpio_SetPushPullOutput(LE_GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW, false);
	res = le_spi_WriteHD(handle, writeDataPtr, writeDataNumElements);
	return res;

Have a nice day!