Sierra wireless legato git repo?

Is there an existing git repo for sierras version of yocto someplace we can track ?

Hi @outbackdingo

Not at the moment.
But this is in our plan, early this year.

its starting to seriously burn me for 2 reasons… you dont provide anyway to 1) update meta-openembedded since you seem to have forked it and there is no obvious way a group can share a code base and their specific changes to a project… since its not in a it repo we can all check out… or migrate to our own local repos… i have a need for boost 1.66.0 your is 1.56.0 so now i have to fork your fork to my fork… very very sad state of affairs we selected the hardware based on the design and flexibilities thereof which you have now totally defeated by making it next to impossible to get any real work done based on the three forked trees methodologies…

Hi @outbackdingo,

meta-openembedded was not forked. The reason we removed the .git info from there is to save space in that (humongous) tarball.

If you’re working with Yocto 1.7, the meta-oe revision is likely 70beecb.
If you’re working with Yocto 2.2, meta-oe is likely fe5c8331.

That tarball is a ‘less than optimal’ way to distribute this stuff, and we’re actively working for a way to distribute the distribution as native git for early 2018.

So, while I patiently wait for this 8.3GB tarball to download, figured I’d go ahead and necro-post this thread. Any update on getting a git repo for the yocto distro?

It is all done on a Sierra Wireless Gerrit server now.
If you have a look at the leaf doco you can see how to get the source that way.