Setting of WP76XX to control RTS/CTS by application


I would like to use WP76XX as DCE(Data Circuit Equipment) and control RTS/CTS by application.
According to the following sample program, “HW flow control on” is written.

UART_Test1.rar (99.5 KB)

I wonder that it cannot control RTS/CTS during UART communication with “HW flow control on”.
Should it “HW flow control” be on?


This is totally controlled by your program, if you set it to “HW flow control ON” and you want the CTS pin to be automatically trigger to host in case there is buffer full, then just don’t use ioctl to control it, then that is fine.

Here I have proven that the the RTS of module is working fine in HW flow control setting.
I set the RTS to be high in PC, after that module will not send out any data to PC until the pin get back to low.

Thank you for telling me about HW flow control.

Based on your opinion,
When I use UART communication without HW flow control and control RTS/CTS by application, I should be “HW flow control” OFF.

Is it correct?

I think so, but in this case, you need to consider there is a chance to have data loss.