Secure Storage question

Use le_secStore_Write() to specify the item's name and value . I can't find it in the root directory. Is it a file Or an area of memory?

You have to use a special Legato tool, called “secstore”, to view secure storage contents. First type the following to get the base directory for the secure storage items:

“secstore ls /sys”

This should output a number. This number seems to change, which is why you need to run the above command. Assume that the number is “66” for the following commands. Type the following to see your secure entries (assuming your app name is “taosecStorageTest”):

“secstore read /sys/66/apps/taosecStorageTest/file1”

You can type “secstore --help” to see more info on how to use the secstore utility.

hi @taojiafu,
did you follow the recommendation above to solve your issue?
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