Using ifgen_le_secStore_OpenSession API application crashes

Hi @jyijyi ,
We are trying to use Global Secure storage API in order to store hardware information .
But when we tried running the app it got crashed

messagingSession.c le_msg_SetSessionRecvHandler() 2069 | Assert Failed: 'sessionRef’

Below is the code snippet

if( ifgen_le_secStore_OpenSession(sessionRef,0 )== LE_OK)
LE_INFO(“ifgen_le_secStore_OpenSession Success”);
LE_ERROR(“ifgen_le_secStore_OpenSession Fail”);

LE_INFO(“InitCommonData Success”);

strcpy((char *)CharBuffer,“SYS_GETHCSRW_NOEMMC”);
if(ifgen_le_secStore_Write(sessionRef,HardwareVer,CharBuffer,strlen((char *)CharBuffer))==LE_OK)
LE_INFO(“Secure Storage Write Successfull”);

also attaching the app and crash logs .

Let us know if we are making any mistake in the usage .
GlobeSecStore.txt (4.0 KB)
TestSSTComponent.c (1.3 KB)
Component.cdef (842 Bytes)
TestSST.adef (1.3 KB)

have you tried the sample here?