Remote debugging C/C++ application via Developer Studio

Earlier today I was able to attach to and debug my application via Developer Studio just fine, stepping through with no problems.

I saved the Ubuntu guest VM state in which I am doing my development and then came back to it some hours later.

Since the state was saved, I didn’t have to reopen anything, and I assumed I could jump back into debugging the problem I was trying to solve by simply clicking build and debug.

However, I was shown an error, and the debug session failed to start.

I have attached the screenshot of this error, it appears that the message text is cutoff and it says “gdbserver already ex…” at the end, so I am assuming it says “exists”, but I am not sure.

Any idea where these messages may be logged in full?

Thanks in advance.legato_debug

Hi @cmccarthy
looks like the embedded tool (gdbCfg) that DS is using to bind gdbserver inside the application sandbox is getting into troubles…
Maybe because of some unstable state on the device, and/or unfinished Debug session…?
My suggestion would be to try removing the app and try again the debug workflow.

Thanks again for your wonderful help.

That resolved the problem, I am able to attach the debugger again.