Dev Studio - Debug -Launching GDB server fails then crashes


Remote system explorer seems ok I can start ssh and interact with the target
When I try to debug my app I see:

Then after a while Dev studio crashes

I have set port to 1234 - is this correct? i also called it () the same name as the app

This is what happens after dev studio crashes

Am I using the wrong java?

Something else?

Thanks in advance


No idea on why java is crashing…
Anyway, did you specified the debug port in the Project Properties > Legato Application > Build Settings?

Hi Daav

I have no idea why it’s crashing either :laughing: from past experience odd behaviour is normal for dev studio

I added a debug port as per my post

After the crashes I found that the workspace was corrupted (would no longer load) - I have seen that happen in the past with earlier Dev Studios

Creating a new workspace got me going again - I’ve given up on debug for now. I can manage with code, blow and terminal debug op from the Remote system explorer - Application manager / LegatoConsole