Range of the I2S clock


can a clock of 96 kHz be set, or even higher? Which range is configurable?

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i saw this in Product technical specification of WP76:


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I know this info from the documentation.

I want to know, if other sampling rates than 48 kHz are supported. Or is it a restriction of legato, only?

For example I need a sampling rate of 38,4KHz. Is it possible and how?

Usualy there is a basis clock of 12.288 MHz to generate the standard audio sampling rates, like 48kHz, 44,1, 32kHz, 96kHz, 24kHz…
Is there a configurable PLL? Is there an access from the legato framework? If not, do you know a solution?

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I only see PCM can set the sampling rate in AT command guide or legato document: