Predefined config tree in .update file


Is there a way to set predefined config tree with .update file? So when my app starts all needed data is already in config tree. Idea is to add populated config tree to .update file, so when for example, legato does a rollback, it will rollback to previous version with populated config tree and not to empty config tree as it does now.
Thank you

I am also interested in this, I would like to have a predefined configTree packed into my .spk file. Have you found any way to do this?

@MilanVidic, @lazzox

Did you managed to solve this? I have the same requirements?


@MilanVidic … from my view, the best way is to build your own .spk with your change and customisation as is described here: Legato framework seems to factory reset itself - #10 by shib