Parameter in DTS file cannot confirm


everyone!Now,We need to add a new nand flash device,Manufacturer let us add the following code in the DTS file。

                    pi0: spi@[b]f0000000[/b] {

                     giga_spinand@[b]0 [/b]{

                        compatible = "giga,giga_spinand";

                         spi-max-frequency = <[b]50000000[/b]>;

                         reg = <[b]0[/b]>;  


                         Whether we need to modify Black font to our development board?

   Hope to get a reply!


Sounds like you’ve been given instructions for the device tree. Our current distribution is on kernel version 3.4 and does not support device tree.

You need to talk to you manufacturer about integration with a 3.4 kernel.


I guess that your NAND device is a GigaDevice GD5F.

There is a work in progress on a staging driver that you can may be back port to kernel 3.4: … 56364.html