-sh: App: command not found

I am using Legato 15.05 version and AR7554 board for my development.
I think I am receiving reset of the Legato FW or the Framework is not getting loaded.
The SSH connection with the Board is working fine and it processes any standard Linux command , but it cannot process any of the Legato FW commands such as e.g. “app status” or “legato version”. It replies with “command not found” to any Legato commands.

After a long time running with no Power-On-Resets, the board recovers by itself. I have observed this by leaving the board powered-up for a while (30 min +) and testing back again. Any Reset or reboot command at this point leads the board to enter back again in the loop of Legato FW resets.

Any solution to fix this issue?


The issue is legato image is not able to come up in the module .
suggestion is to bring up the module to Proper state, Try reflashing the module with latest modem and legato images from sierra Wireless .we should have proper modem and it’s corresponding legato image. (Modem and legato version should be a match as per Release notes )

Make sure that : All the images should be either Read Only or Read Write.
Please use proper toolchain to build the particular legato version incase the issue is caused by your own legato image and make sure that your changes are not affecting the legato bringup.

Pinkesh Shah