Missing mkfs.ext4 and mkfs.btrfs

Hi There

I am trying to get either mkfs.ext4 and / or mkfs.btrfs into my legato image.

I searched the net for which yocto package that are responsible for adding them. (Have tried btrfs-tools with no luck) But I did not have any success yet.
Is there a package anyone can recommend?


Please go to Yocto source code and modifiy mdm9x15-image.inc:
e.g. vim /home/jordan/yocto_07.12.14.00/meta-swi/meta-swi-mdm9x15/recipes-core/images/mdm9x15-image.inc
Add below line:
IMAGE_INSTALL += "e2fsprogs-mke2fs"

Re-compile Yocto project and you will get mkfs.ext4 command:

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# mkfs.ext4
Usage: mkfs.ext4 [-c|-l filename] [-b block-size] [-C cluster-size]
[-i bytes-per-inode] [-I inode-size] [-J journal-options]
[-G flex-group-size] [-N number-of-inodes] [-d root-directory]
[-m reserved-blocks-percentage] [-o creator-os]
[-g blocks-per-group] [-L volume-label] [-M last-mounted-directory]
[-O feature[,…]] [-r fs-revision] [-E extended-option[,…]]
[-t fs-type] [-T usage-type ] [-U UUID] [-jnqvDFKSV] device [blocks-count]

Hi JordanZhao

Thank you very much. That did the trick :slight_smile:
Best regards