Marking a system "good" after Updating from Air Vantage

Hi All,

After an install from Air Vantage, when does a system get marked good ? The reason I’m asking is because I can see that after installing or upgrading an app from AV, typing “update -g” in the shell returns “system is now marked good” (this is on legato 16.07 devices). If the system had been marked good, “update -g” would return “error the system has already ended the probation period”.

Now usually we want to do a reboot straight after installing an app and unless the system is marked good, won’t the system discard the update because it’s encountered a reboot ? Do we have to leave the device running for the probation period ? What is “best practice” here ?

Also, we will have devices running 16.07 and 16.10, and I understand there is a difference between the two, you can turn off dev mode in 16.10 but doesn’t that increase the probation period ? What would be best practice for 16.10 devices ?


Hi mahtab,

Please refer to
The probation period will start over if system reset happens and rollback only happens after consecutive resets.

Depends on your use case, you may call le_updateCtrl_MarkGood() in your app to force mark good (same as update -g).
Or if in your case you only reset once after OTA install app, I think you can just leave it so if no further abnormal reset, it should be good and mark good after probation period.

Hope it helps.