Login message on WP76XX


When I access the console with WP76XX for the first time, the following is displayed.

It is strongly recommended to setup credentials for remote login.
Please select one of the following options:

  1. Setup ssh keys and disable passwords-based authentication via ssh
    (the most secure)
  2. Setup password (better than nothing)
  3. Do nothing

Would you like a reminder next time you log in [Y/n]? (when “3” is entered)

If “Y” is entered, the previous messages never display.

I have two question.
①How can I display this messages again?
②How can I control this messages? In other words, where is a configuration file about it?


Hi tanoue,

Would you please try below command?

rm /mnt/flash/config/system/etc/noLoginNag

Then it should ask again…
Hope it helps.

Please refer to https://docs.legato.io/latest/basicTarget.html

Thank you for replying about my question.

I got the answer about ①.

According to JordanZhao’s reply, to setup Login Authentication is best way for controlling messages.
I think I cannot get any information about /mnt/flash/config/system/etc/noLoginNag .