Legato LTS Releases and Support Policy

The Legato team is happy to announce that we are introducing a new LTS (Long Term Support) release and support policy for Legato.

Each LTS release will be supported for 2 years (24 months) from the initial stable release date. LTS releases will get security and bug fix updates minimum twice a year. During the support period new features may be added at our discretion depending on the following criteria:

  1. They are needed to meet particular regulatory or MNO requirements or standards for new products
  2. If they carry a low risk of introducing regressions.

Pre-release versions (beta release, release candidates or development versions) are not covered by any support period. Sometimes a particular feature may be marked as “experimental” or “preview” in a release. These are also not covered by the support period.

It is recommended that customers move to the latest LTS release and regularly update to newer releases before the support period ends. Our policy is to not continue fixing bugs in releases that are beyond the support period.


  • Legato 19.11.0 was released in January 2020 and will be supported through January 2022.

  • Legato 21.05.x is estimated to be released by end of Nov. 2021 and is estimated to be supported through Nov. 2023.

This policy is posted on our release page here: https://legato.io/releases

LTS release status will also be marked on the page to easily identify them.

We are excited to meet our developers and customers’ demand that we provide stable releases with longer support periods and hope this helps customers meet their application demands for the IOT market.