Legato legacy App - Starting path


Is it possible to bundle a Legacy app which has a structure like this:

… … …|—[x] runnApp

And then somehow make it so that my application is executed from the mainDir?
At this point I can write in my .adef file something like this:

… (runApp)

It gets exectud but what I would really like is to have my app executed like I do from cmd line which is from another location, I do it like this:


USING: WP8548 && mangOH Red

Would like to clarify if your application is sandboxed or unsandboxed .
Also share what you have done in Adef currently to get a understanding of the issue.

If you want to run an application in root FS, you should unsandboxed the application by adding Macro sandboxed: false in .adef.(The default value is Ture)
And bundles your bin file into root FS:
in .adef add below section:
[x] BinDir/runApp /bin/

@Vasantha_lax Application is being run unsandboxed, and I would like it to continue that way.

@JordanZhao I am not talking about bundling an app I want to know how can I run it from specific location.

Once again my app needs to be run from mainDir for instance like this ./BinDir/runApp
when I put the app name under processes run in adef then it gets executed from /bin, if I don’t put executable in /bin then it doeasn’t even run because runnable file can’t be found.

Hi @lazzox, If you want to put your custom application in specific location in root FS, I think you need to work with Yocto layer.
Hope it’s what you want: