le_sms_AddRxMessageHandler() stopped?

le_sms_AddRxMessageHandler() seemed to have stopped over night ?
The device received an SMS this morning but the handler was not called ?

Is there a way to check if the handler is still active ?

Did you check with “cm sms monitor”

but this was in the log
Oct 18 09:24:31 swi-mdm9x28-wp user.info Legato: INFO | modemDaemon[26785]/modemDaemon T=main | smsPdu.c DecodeUserDataField() 1071 | messageLen 9, pos 23, size 9
I used “cm sms list” to see i got the SMS i was expecting.

How can i validate my le_sms_RxMessageHandlerRef_t returned from le_sms_AddRxMessageHandler is still valid and active?

You can send a sms to yourself to validate

It works fine after i restart the app,
What would disable the handler?

Do you see problem with “cm sms monitor”?
If no, that means your code has problem

This is the first time i’ve seen it?
There was nothing in the log indicating anything failed,
There was a lot on connection changes so could that have affected anything?

I guess i have to have a timer and call
every so often

Yup, that might be a workaround

Here I have tried the following with WP7605 FW R17:

  1. cm sms monitor &
  2. send a sms to itself
  3. it will show in the SMS callback
  4. at+Cfun=0 to power off radio
  5. AT+CFUN=1 to power on radio
  6. send a SMS to itself, still it will show the SMS callback

So not quite sure how to reproduce your issue…

I can’t reproduce it either, not sure how it happened?
So i implemented the remove, add timer just in case.