Is there some example of le_gnss_EnableExternalLna?

Is there some example of le_gnss_EnableExternalLna?

======= EnableExternalLna ======
enable externalLna result: -5
Not permitted

It return "not permitted "

you can see here:

do you have a sample code for only “gnss get posInfo” command??

or please told me how to get the recently positionsample??
I have use “le_gnss_GetLastSampleRef()” but the data the i get is not recently update

you can see here on the code: ( you can extract the code to your app)

it doesn’t have this command in .c file so how can there get position sample’s ref??

you can see how the code works and port to your application

I still don’t understand how does it get position sample ref. from??

you mean you cannot port the code?
Does "gnss get posInfo” command work for you?

yes. it’s work.

my code , position sample it not update if I don’t run “gnss get posInfo” before. so, I want to know how to get current position sample.

you can see here: