IPC specification

trying to connect to the native legato services from mono using IPC. Connecting to the socket seems to work ok, but next step is to actually figure out the protocol. Is there a good example on how the actual bytes should be serialized ?

Can you share more info of your software design?

There isn’t much sw. design yet, but more like a POC. Is it possible to open a socket from mono (C#) and send a message to fx. the modem service ?
We have succedded creating a socket to /tmp/legato/serviceDirectoryClient, but we are missing some kind of protocol specification of how to format the actual bytes.

Hey @grantgreen,

I’ve been looking into this a little bit as well (I’m looking to use Node and TypeScript to build an HTTP API on the target). I think they key is going to be reverse engineering the mk tools and reverse engineering the code they generate. I haven’t had much bandwidth to unravel this yet, but I’ll keep this thread updated if I have any success.


thanks for your reply.
That was more or less the same conclusion I drew :slight_smile:
If I get the time, I will start look more deeply into the source.