IPC api file how to include le_clk_Time_t and user defined struct?

So I have a structure typedef in a header file which looks like this

typedef struct {
int reading;
le_clk_Time_t time;
} ValuesStruct;

I tried to just create the STRUCT inside the .api file but because le_clk_Time_t isn’t recognized.
STRUCT ValuesStruct
int reading;
le_clk_Time_t time;

Is using STRUCT going to let me do this. Do I need to just redefine the le_clk_Time_t in the api file as well? I’d prefer not to just break the struct up and return it in parts is there not a clean way to do this? Like just including the header files (can see why thats dangerous but ya)

Anyways any help would be great

Well I managed to do it by just passing everything as a string I guess thats good enough