Using struct in function

I am trying to pass a STRUCT type to a FUNCTION for a legato API, following this topic below but I get a compile error:

/offlineData.c:109:6: error: conflicting types for ‘offlineData_arraySend’
void offlineData_arraySend( offlineData_ARRAY123_t value)
In file included from /…/_build_offlineData/wp77xx/component/06e41e7ad659bd0271a38a5c7f355382/src/interfaces.h:16:0,
from /…/offlineData.c:9:
/…/_build_offlineData/wp77xx/api/a82b406f1aff9e91297c745193364f7e/server/offlineData_server.h:82:6: note: previous declaration of ‘offlineData_arraySend’ was here
void offlineData_arraySend

so it seems there is a conflict for the data type, I have seen comments about the STRUCT not to be supported, I have previously used the handlers, but I would just like to confirm that these are not supported before doing it for this case as well…

you can see here:

there is STRUCT

this doesn`t mention how to, or if is possible, to pass a struct to a FUNCTION of the API

you can try the sample code here:

as I just mentioned in the first message, this will not compile as it will detect a conflict of definitions.
please see the initial post I made

did you see problem in swi-wp76_4.7.0? ( as mentioned in the link)

I am compiling for wp77xx

you can download the swi-wp76_4.7.0 (legato 20.4.0) easily, this can confirm if issue only happen to your leaf package version or legato version

Or you can try in swi-wp77_4.2.0 which also uses legato 20.4.0