Increase Rootfs Size on WP7601-1

Hello, I am working on developing a custom application for a WP7601-1 module and I would like to include some additional packages in the OS image (some additional python modules).

However, the inclusion of these new modules causes the Rootfs to exceed the size limit of 38 MB. I read elsewhere on this forum that you can resize partitions (shrink one and grow another, for instance) using the AT command “AT!APPPARTCHG” however, attempting to use this command on my module gives me “ERROR” no matter what variations or arguments I use.

Please advise how I can go about resizing the partitions for the WP7601-1? I do NOT need to do this dynamically; doing so at image creation time would be fine.

“AT!APPPARTCHG” is for WP85xx/WP75xx series.

For WP76xx, please refer to this thread: