Improving the performance of ISO-TP in socketcan on WP7608


We are working on the ISO-TP (GitHub - hartkopp/can-isotp: Linux Kernel Module for ISO 15765-2:2016 CAN transport protocol PLEASE NOTE: This module is part of the mainline Linux kernel since version 5.10) module for communicating on the CAN bus. We are able to install the module and establish communication using the kernel module. We are able to send CAN frames every ~3 to 4 ms.

How can we improve the performance of ISO-TP in socket-can to send frames at a faster rate? We want to achieve a rate where we send frames at least every 1ms or faster.

Is there some way in which we can increase the priority of the ISO-TP, can_iot, and mcp251x kernel modules to get higher performance? How do we proceed?

Devanshu Agarwal

You can see here on increasing the irq priority