AR7554 and CAN


I work with a Legato AirPrime AR/WP Series with an AR7554 module on it.
I checked on the datasheet for the CAN possibility on it and we saw that the motherboard has everything linked to do it but not the daughter board.
As we have to use CAN connection, I would like to be sure the AR7554 supports CAN (drivers etc) ?
We would also liked to be sure we have the good daughterboard as we have some differences with the one presented on the site (between the picture and our board). Tell me which number you need to do so.

Thanks in advance,

Mickaël D.

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There is no CAN controller in the AR755x module. Check the Product Technical Specifications (PTS) in order to see all the supported interfaces.

The WP-AR dev kit is compatible with several modules and this is why you can see some interfaces not supported by AR755x (like the CAN ports and the UART3 port).

But it is possible to integrate your own external CAN controler/transceiver (e.g. connected to the SPI bus or an UART port of the AR755x).
You will have then to integrate the Linux driver and the CAN stack using Yocto.



Hi Jay,

yeah that’s what I saw with the schematics but I wasn’t completly sure about it…

I will go for the SPI solution, which is better for me, thanks for the answer.


Is there a way to find the material specification ?
I would like to know the SPI bus speed.

Thanks in advance.


You need to contact Sierra Wireless in order to have the Product Technical Specification (PTS) of the AR7554 module.



I will contact them.

Thanks again for your fast and precised answers.