How to reduce the image size

I want to send image through LTE data. Now, Image size is around 550kB and I have send data every 1024. It usually use 2 hours or more than and I haven’t get full image.
So, I want to reduce the image size and try to send it again but don’t know how to do.

Can any one help me to write or have any sample file to guide??

You can zip it

Do you have other way else??

Do you mean you use 2 hours to send 550 kB?

No. I want it to be faster than or can send it all.

about the picture. I have extracted the image file when I received it. therefore I want to transfer it all and combine them on tablet.

Now I wrote it to send 1024 bit each time. maximum that I can get is around 300kB from 561kB. So, I want to know that it have anyway to make it faster to send and get all of data??

you can try other LTE network provider and see if the throughput is better

Or you can try to send more bits each time and see if there is improvement