How to get the HttpServer example to run


looking through the forum, I appreciate that many people have managed to get the HttpServer sample running fine, but I am having some problems with it. First of all, the latest version of lighttpd I downloaded doesn’t come with any dynamic .so libraries, but does have *.la libraries, so I added these to a binaries/lib directory. Secondly, installing the package on the device with:

app install HttpServer.wp750x.update IP_OF_TARGET

does put the package on the device, but it doesn’t run. Running just gives an error. Obviously I’m missing something, can anyone point out what it is I’m missing ?


The error I’m getting - after having created a lighttpd.conf file and put it on the target - is that it can’t find the file…but were no .so dlls in the build, only .la libraries…

Using the flag GCC flag --enable-shared gives me .lo files but no .so files. Anyone know linux c well enough to help out here ?


the easiest way to get the shared libraries, I have discovered, is by using

make install

instead of make. I had to change directory permissions too otherwise it wouldn’t install. It’s not worth the headache of trying to use gcc and libtool to build the libraries “by hand”.

Now the next problem is putting the ssl certificate onto the target, no easy task given that it expects to write the certificate to cfg/server.pem and make exits with the error “cfg/server.pem no such file or directory”

Ok, I got it working ! Hurrah ! Ahem…