httpServer do not compile

I have downloaded httpServer app from:

I cannot compile the project. I use VSCode wp76 legato version 18.06.3 and wp77 legato version 19.11.5. I have got following error:

[78/600] Running external build step
FAILED: lighttpdExternalBuild_line0

ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

Could you help. Thanks

You can see here, it should be fine

Thanks for quick reply, but I do not have problem with not working link. I have got problem with compiling the httpServer app.
I have changed version to swi-fx30-catm_3.0.0 and I have got components/sslCertComponent/ Permission denied

So I have switched off sslCertComponent because this generates certificate only and it has compiled, but now i cannot start the program

Error i have got when i try to start it

Link does not work of course. Iptables is setup.

You can try my application, I can compile with swi-fx30-catm_3.0.0.

  1. leaf shell
  2. cd httpServer/Target_Legato_Debug
  3. make (9.8 MB)

Hi @jyijyi
Your code has worked straight away. Thanks!!!
I will check other platforms.

Just a reminder, if you want to compile for WP76 module, you need to open the Makefile and change target to wp76xx instead of wp77xx