How to get data from Airvantage cloud REAL TIME?

Hi all,

I pushed data (location of device FX30 Gateway) from device to Airvantage cloud real time.
Currenly, i wanna get “Constantly Data” from Airvantage cloud by application in mobile which i built. Normaly other Cloud will return a “event” when your data change, but i can’t find any “envent” return from Airvantage when my data change.

If you used to deal with this issue or have experience, document about it , please support to me.


Hi comcom,

To get notification from AirVantage server (when receive data push from device), maybe you can consider using the alert feature (i.e. url callback)?

Yes I know it maybe not ideal, I am not expert in AirVantage server side, just to drop some comments…
And by the way, this forum is for Legato.
For AirVantage server related, maybe better and higher chance to get good feedback in dedicated forum below:

Hope it helps.