How to change the default Legato root path $LEGATO_ROOT?

Hi all,

The Legato framework version on my mangOH board is 16.10.1 while the development framework on my Linux computer is 16.10.3. I also installed a 16.10.1 package on my computer but the default path $LEGATO_ROOT is pointing at the 16.10.3, which bothers me when I try to use the command line or modifying path in definition files. How can I change this properly?


Hi lichen,

You can change the legato root path using export commad like below,

export LEGATO_ROOT=“Your legato root path”

exmaple: export LEGATO_ROOT=/home/ubuntu/legato-16.10.1

if your executing the bin/legs in the root folder of legato-16.10.1 , No need to do the above step.

Murlidhara N.